Introducing Newsfeedy: Real News in Real-Time

Newsfeedy is a website that pulls trending topics from different sources on the web and displays news headlines for them, all in one place.

Right now, the service includes trending topics from Twitter trends for the United States and Google Hot Searches for the US. The news headlines are pulled from Google News with supplementary information pulled from Twitter and Reddit.

I created Newsfeedy for myself as a way to quickly check on breaking news, since Twitter trending topics seemed to be an increasingly real-time source for news. But most of the Twitter topics didn’t mean anything to me without looking up the specific story on Google News. Newsfeedy solved that problem for me. When a friend of mine asked me where she could find it, I thought it might be a useful tool for others too.

It’s by no means perfect (load times are a problem that I’m still working on) and the trending topics don’t always refer to news headlines, but overall it provides a quick and easy way to catch up on breaking news in pretty close to real-time.

I’d love to hear any questions, comments, or suggestions for it.