HoneyComb: a new way to think about hiring

I just made the HoneyComb website (www.honeycombhire.com) live to the public, explaining what it is and why its important. 

At its core, HoneyComb is a new way to approach recruiting for an open position online. It combines the best parts of traditional online recruiting (manageability, transparency, scale) with the best parts of network recruiting (effectiveness, passive candidates, filtering). 

Instead of posting a position publicly, on HoneyComb you post a position and then invite your connections to make recommendations for it. Only those who have been recommended can see your job posting and apply for the position.

HoneyComb goes beyond just one level of connection, however. Those who have been recommended can continue recommending people, widening your reach when compared with network recruiting. 

Many companies already do hiring through their network because of its effectiveness and ease. HoneyComb makes the network recruiting process easy, transparent, manageable, and wider-reaching. Don’t just hire your next employee, HoneyComb the right person for the job.

Visit HoneyComb and post your job opening today.